Mens Packages

12 Week Mass Program

This program is individually customized based on experience level, ranging from entry-level to high levelled competitors/trainers.

  • Initial assessment
  • Customized nutrition, supplement program designed to help you gain muscle without fat, based on your goals and aspirations
  • Unlimited email support (allow 24 hours for response)
  • Weekly progress assessments. Changes made based on results seen week to week
  • Paid in Full – £300

12 Week Bodybuilding/Men’s and Women’s Physique Contest Prep

You will have unlimited weekly email access throughout the duration of your programming based off of the options below. Effective Communication between us is essential. We expect you to be on top of your updates and have them taken care of and sent in on time in order to make the needed changes based off of your feedback. Services include:


  • Complete nutrition recommendations for contest prep with changes made as much as needed.
  • Complete supplement recommendations for contest prep with changes made as needed, focusing on 
performance and health optimization.
  • Training programming built from an in depth training questionnaire.
  • Weekly progress pictures need to be provided on behalf of the competitor and we can give advice on poses themselves and how to better display your physique through posing tweaks. Progress pictures are also the main tool for the changes 
that need to be made.
  • Final week manipulations to bring your best show day.
  • Unlimited email/text/What’s App messaging access.
  • Paid in Full – £500

£100.00 Per Month if extra time needed (Standing order to be set up)




Ongoing Monthly


  • Suited to those with more long terms goals. This module includes same aspects as mass program.
  • Suitable for any goal whether it’s weight gain, muscle mass, strength/size, body re-comp, fat loss or full offseason.
  • £90 per Month


A standing order for the monthly needs to be set up to ensure payment is being placed. This is NOT a contract.




The above are customised based on answers to initial assessment questionnaire. Each week you will be required to check in via check in e-mail account using the template provided so we can ensure you are progressing and you are happy.

Unlimited contact via email to answer any questions or help with any problems or issues you may have. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response to any questions.


One-time Base Diet

  • Initial Assessment via in depth questionnaire
  • Customized nutrition and training program designed to meet your future goals
  • 1 week of unlimited email support to ensure you are on track and all questions are answered on initial plan
  • £60



Bespoke Training Program

  • Initial Assessment via in depth questionnaire
  • Fully bespoke program built around the feedback on questionnaire
  • Any tweaks needed for up to 12 weeks after having program. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to really settle into a program and perfect it to the individual.
  • Any changes/tweaks made, is included in price.
  • £100



  • Nutrition and training program combo with supplementation plan.
  • £150




  • Face to Face Nutritional programming and consultation. 1 hour plus nutritional plan.







One On One


  • 1 hour intense training and full technique work with all aspects explained thoroughly.
  • £55


  • Block of 6 sessions


  • £300



These plans will be formatted around initial assessment questionnaire.        Check in forms are not provided but you will but 1 weeks worth or email contact to make sure you are on the right track.


  • 1 hour phone/Skype consultation.
  • £50